Does my amp have a problem?

That's my first tube amp, a Blackheart BH5H, and I don't really have the chance to play any other, beside a really damn old one owned by a friend of mine.

My concern is anyway that, I can still hear what I play even with the volume on 0.
The volume is low and the sound is muffled, though I can clearly hear what I play.
If I turn it up a bit, to about 7:30/8 o' clock, the volume gets lower and less muffled.
Then from about 9 o' clock all the way up to the max it's all normal.

I'm no real expert here, but I don't really know what to think of...
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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That's just how some amps work. If you were really bothered by it you could replace the pot with a different one, might need a different value or maybe the one in your amp just is a bit far off spec. But it's not exactly a problem, is it? If you want the amp to stop making noise you turn the guitar volume down or turn the amp off. If you want it to make noise you probably don't need it at zero.
My Class5 does the same thing, and other C5 owners have noticed it with theirs as well. Not really a problem, per se.
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it's normal. that amp's main job is to make a guitar louder and not quieter.
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Sounds like a flaky volume pot to me.

Although. theoretically a 100k pot (as an example) should give readings from 0k - 100k, when in reality, they are usually around 1.5k - 98k (more or less).

But really, I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets worse.
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what colin said.

it might be a sign of a problem (dodgy volume pot, or at least well outside spec volume pot), but it also might just be normal. i wouldn't worry about it unless you notice anything else wrong, really.
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