Hello guys I'm doing this thread really late, as I uploaded this video 3 months ago, but here it is anyway, I really hope you like it and enjoy, this song is a masterpiece I know you'll like it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30KCSb3Z92g

Any doubts or suggestions are really appreciated. THANK YOUUU !!!!

Oh and I'm also planning to write the tab for this song, so if you like it guys let me know if I should upload it here. Cheers !
This was awesome man. Andy James is an amazing guitarist. I thought I'd comment on here actually because it was pretty much you single handedly who got me into btbam with your selkies cover around a year ago, and I'm proud to say I'm gonna be seeing them live for my first time tomorrow, so thanks buddy
That was amazing! Nice clean runs and the timing was spot on. Your tone is also great, but Andy adds some quick and wide vibrato to certain notes (2:21). My only suggestion would be to work on adding those in as well. Peace
Sorry for answering so late ! I'm been really busy with study stuff. Thank you so much man I really appreciate it !! and that is pure epicness congrats for being in a btbam concert they are magnificent !!! Thank you so much again ! cheers !
You're right man Andy is a genius so is really hard to imitate his vibratos I'd say that and his bends are one of the bests in the world. cheers man thank you so much I really appreciate it ! peace!