Hey man,

Cool song!

I'd say that if you're going to start with a broken beat like that, some sort of percussion to keep the beat might be practical, even if it's just a high hat on the ON beats at a very low volume. That way people can get into foot tapping mode even before the drums kick in for real

The riff in the verse is cool but if I had to find a flaw, I'd say that you have too many instruments following exactly the same riff... Maybe the voice or guitar could find some other melody? Even a slight harmony might add a bit more flavor.

You have short verses and choruses and go back and forth a fair amount. That isn't a bad thing but might make things a bit repetious. I'd say throw some prechoruses in there or vary some of them up a bit to make each of them unique.

When you mention Josh Turner it seems like the vocals volume goes way up or you get closer to the mic or something. I'd say that might need some reworking. But I'm not a vocal guy so I can't say...

The solo is really cool. Don't touch it. Make sure you can play it note for note live, I'd say it's the best part of the song

At the very end all the instruments stop short except one cymbal. I'd say let them all ring out or make them all stop short.

Thank you for reviewing my song as well