So I didnt think this would go in the recording thread because its not a recording. But anyway, I plugged in my device to one of my other usb ports (because the one i usually use seems to be loose and wont keep my interface connected) and I loaded up my my DAW and tried to set it up but it couldnt find the device driver. I also used Amplitube and it also wont show the driver either. Anyone know the solution?
if one port keeps disconnecting and the other won't detect it, maybe the problem is with your cable? USB cords are pretty generic now, I'm pretty sure if you look amongst your other USB gadgets, you'll find a similar one you can try.

Otherwise try it in different computer. Your first reaction will be to think it's a hardware or software problem but my guess would be a defective connector.

Be systematic in your troubleshooting... Try every USB port on two computers, try at least two different cables, reinstall drivers, reboot your computer.

What is your device and what is your DAW? Are you using USB 1, 2 or 3 ports? Can your device handle these ports?

Do your defective ports work well with other devices?

By answering these troubleshooting questions, you'll be able to narrow down the culprit between the many suspects...
Well Im using Cubase 6 and I have a Audiogram 6. I plug it in to my other ports and it can get power and I can play and hear my self through the interface but it wont show up in my DAW