Tab for King Ramses' motif (Courage the Cowardly Dog) or Tiger Rag (Art Tatum)

I've got an odd request for two songs. The first is King Ramses' (the infamous character from Courage The Cowardly Dog) Motif. It sounds real unique and I was wondering why nobody's tabbed it out. Also what key/mode/tonality is it in (I know that's a stupid question)? The theme plays throughout the episode. The episode can be found here just in case you don't remember.

Here's one of the theme's most infamous uses. I'm probably going to Hell for this but ...

Second I was curious if anyone's could tab out Art Tatum's version of the "Tiger Rag". It's beyond complex and fast, but I know someone is skilled enough to transcribe it. (preferably simplify it too). If you know a harder song (Jazz or Classical), please tell me. Good luck and uploading these tabs would be highly appreciated. Sorry for starting another thread.
That's Art Tatum's "Tiger Rag".

Edit: Over 120 people have viewed this topic and not one has responded, WTF. Please help me.
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