Hey guys, I have a superswitch(5 way 4 pole) and I am trying to wire it prs style with two volume controls. Here is the diagram i am working from.


I have been wondering if i take the north start of the bridge pickup and wire that strait to the volume control and from that into the switch. I think this might not work in the middle position(meaning that I wont have both volume controls working) but i think the neck volume would work fine if i wire it like in the picture. Then again that control will probably always be a master control at all times. I am kinda lost. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Notice how the Les Paul does it:

If one pot affects both pickups, just switch the middle lug and the hot outer lug.
I guess wasn't too clear.(not being rude. literally meaning I messed up in my first post)

I have tried that before Jim and I personally don't like the way it sounds ( I am stupid picky)
Thanks for the help though!

I don't really care about individual control in the middle positions. its more about positions 1 and 5. Those two have to have interactions with only one pot at a time, and it has to be different pots(obviously). So I can roll back the neck volume for cleans and flip to the bridge for distortion. I am wondering if I will wind up feeding one pot into the other with my wiring idea. And if so, will I lose treble?
So if I understand you correctly, you at least need the Bridge Only and Neck Only positions to have independent volume contols? In that case, yeah, you'd have to wire the pickups' North Start to the volume pots BEFORE going to the switch. I think.

I did a bit of searching and I'm not sure it's possible to use individual volumes and tones with this switching without resorting to dual-gang pots. If I had a superswitch (and some damn pots) I could find out, but I don't. I guess you could try it yourself and see.
Hey, finished up wiring, and yeah, hooking up the north starts to their respective volume controls before the switch works like a charm. Sounds great Jim. Thanks for the help. You know its strange, I know many Jims, and every single one is nice and helpful.
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well, here is an update, it works, but if I roll the neck pot all the way down it cuts out completely in position one. I have ideas on how to fix this and I will post my changes.