This is probably a dumb question but when a tab says to play 7th fret on the thin e string and 7th fret A string at the same time, what is the technique to strum these without hitting the strings in between? I assume you have to hit one with your pick and stick another finger out to hit the other but i'm not sure how to do it so it feels comfortable. The tab doesn't paste right but you can see the first two notes i'm talking about, its from Dramamine by Modest Mouse.

you can mute inbetween with your fingers

if you're lazy you could play the note on the a string with your thumb

or you could do hybrid picking (pick the a string with your pick and the high E with your middle finger of your picking hand)
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Your tab looks like it's probably not going to involve a pick... actually, lemme grab my guitar. Ok Got it! Personally, I'd play that like... lemme copy and paste the tab you have up there.
e|--4~---|--------|-3~-----|--------| I cleaned up the spacing a bit, so long as you know the
B|---------|-1~----|---------|--------| rhythm, the spacing doesn't matter so much.
G|---------|--------|---------|--------| I have also replaced the fret with the finger I personally
D|----1---|---2----|---1----|---3-0-| would use for that note. So you just have to compare
A|--3---3-|-3---3-|-2---2-|--------| your tab and mine. Of course, you don't have to do it
E|---------|---------|--------|-2------| this way, it's simply a suggestion. If you wish to try it this way, I pluck the higher string with my 3rd finger and the low string with my thumb at the same time to make the chord. then it's up to you if you want to pluck the D string with your thumb or your your first finger. The last measure is a tad tricky, but you'll manage with practice.

I hope this helped a little anyway - Chris
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