i'm a bit low on cash as i'm saving up for bike insurance, and I've always wanted a delay pedal is it good (and durable) for its low price?
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Dunnow 'bout that for sure, though my experience with chinese effects knock-offs tells me that for the money, it's not bad.

Though, you may want to look at joyo's stuff, the analog or digital delay depending on what you want, or maybe even the D-SEED if you want to spend a bit more.
Be advised that there's no such thing as a complitely analog delay pedal for that kind of money (I'm not even sure there's one for more money), and the difference is that analog ones have the repeats more and more dampened as they go on, and digital ones have longer maximum delay times.
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really I read it was an analog pedal
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
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it sounds good, but it's not durable at all. out of the three biyang pedals i owned, they all developed issues. avoid.


except in my case it was 5 (2 of those were replacements)

they sound pretty good (the ones i've tried- i haven't tried the delay)... when they work. "when they work" being the important distinction.

EDIT: and yeah +1 on its not being analogue.
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The Biyang delay sounds great if you want a delay that sounds like 50s/60s tape delay. It’s called an analogue delay because it colors the sound to make it sound like analogue tape.