Guitar playing sounds nice overall. Lead vocals sound good for the most part, though occasionally a little pitchy. I appreciate what you're doing with the background vocals, though they sound a bit pitchy (more so than the lead vocals) at times also. If it fits your budget, I would try Melodyne (not sure about right now, though in the past they had a trial version). Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

I like the guitar work in here, it's very dreamy and creates a great mood. You have a wonderful voice with a beautiful low timbre, but I would suggest maybe utilising it differently. In my opinion you would do well to sing this song more loudly and clearly - this would definitely set it apart from other similar songs.

Could you review my music? Link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624189
I'm back for more betty. I like the reverb, even though it is pretty thick. The singing does sound better to me, better pitch control. This new version sounds more professional to me. Very good job! I listened to the older one again for the heck of it. Whereas the newer one sounds more dreamy, the older on sounds more intimate.