So I picked my electric guitar 9 days ago and I've been practicing from 2-8 hours a day.

Is that good or am I over doing it ?
I take a 15-20 min break between each hour.
Any and all practice time is good, provided that you are practicing properly.
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^ and as long as you aren't hurting yourself, which is worth bearing in mind as a beginner. there's not much point in playing 5 hours today if you get a blister for a week. Or worse.

and also watch you don't burn out.

but yeah as long as you're half sensible at all, and bear those things in mind, it's really up to you.
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Can you play Little Wing yet?

If not, then its probably not for you.

Maybe try the bass.

Of course I am just joking. When I stared playing (almost 25 years ago...) I would put in like 6-10 hours a day. I was doing it wrong for a very long time and it took many years to break the bad habits that I formed. That being said, it wasn't wasted time at all. I just didn't maximize my practice time like I should have.

Maybe break up your practice into learning time and fun time.

Spend some time trying to learn that one song that you love and spend some time learning about music. Learn the minor and major pentatonic scale in the key of E and A.

Watch youtube vids.
it's good if it's constructive. generally, beginners are just wasting time by practicing 8 hours a day, but it's up to you.
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Pretty much what Dave said.
It's going to hurt you until you build callouses on your fingertips, but you don't do that by playing til you bleed then waiting for a week to heal. Only the first few layers of skin should break, and leave white marks which will disappear as the new skin hardens.
Should only take 2-3 weeks of 5 hours a day practice (averagely) to get to that stage, then you can just play all you like.
Also don't start off on high gauge strings (stay at 10 or below for a while) or you'll hurt your wrist unless you're doing regular calisthenics.
I would say not more that 5 a day or you're risking turning the instrument into a chore. That being said, I would say 1-2 hours a day is ***ugh for any beginner is ***ugh unless you're having a good time and want to keep going. I'm teaching a 10 year old at the moment and only making her do 30 minutes a day. Maintaining an interest is the most important thing in the early stages, so it has to be fun not a giant pain in the ass.
I haven't been playing guitar very long so I can't give as good advice as others on here but I'll go ahead and say my two cents.

There is a difference between actually practicing, and just doodling around. Make sure that you put in quality practice time. I made the mistake of not spending quality practice time during the summer and I saw little improvement to my guitar playing. There is nothing wrong with playing around on the guitar and but to get better, you have to make sure you truly practice.

Divide your time between practicing and playing things you want to play that are in your skill level. Again, I made that mistake when I began and almost quit because I got bored. If you only practice stuff that is little to no fun, you'll probably get tired of it. I personally spend an hour to an hour and a half, practicing chords, scales, finger and picking training, etc. Then I spend an hour practicing a song or riff, or something else I want to play.
I was just about to make the same point as the last poster. There is a world of difference between 'playing' and 'practising'. When it comes to practice it's a very good idea to have a specific purpose in mind - what are you trying to achieve? What flaw would you like iron out? Etc. Definitely make time for just playing as well though, after all, that's what it's all about.
The more the better, as long as nothing hurts. But do take the time to do things right. It doesn't make much sense to put that much effort into playing without doing it right.