hello, ive been wanting to get into jazz guitar for a while and dont really know where to start! i dont think im going to get straight into learning too much about jazz theory, but i like playing nice short compositions that are not too hard to play but have a nice sound.

i would like to learn more chord based songs, and maybe a little fingerstyle, i dont even know what to call most of the different genres! anyway, heres a list of what ive learned so far. id appreciate it if you could tell me of any other songs that are around this difficulty that you like to play, or would recommend to me.

thank you!

Joe Pass - Autumn Leaves


Barney Kessel - Misty


some guy - on green dolphin street


some guy - Nuages


some guy - stella by starlight


some guy - in the gentle rain

I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to
- Jimi Hendrix

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if you want to learn how to do chord melody shit, don't just learn chord melodies other people do

start with easy, 50's pop tunes that only use major, minor and dom7 chords and actually make your own chord melodies using chord forms that put the melody on top. I think my first chord melodies were "our day will come" and "can't help falling in love"... i think. Been awhile.

eventually move onto easier standards like autumn leaves and all the things you are.

THEN start learning and more importantly analyzing other chord melodies. I just kind of make shit up on the spot from a lead sheet now. I can do that because I understand how it all works.

and btw my version of Gentle Rain is way hipper
check out the website lickbyneck.com for some cool chord-melody stuff
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