Hello, don't know if this is wrongly placed but if so I apologize for it now.
Anyways I own a neon orange guitar that has the name of Series 1. I have been looking for any information on it but have found nothing. Anybody with any help would be awesome! Also looking to sell it as i don't use it very often to never lol

Thanks everyone!
Can you guys help me identify my guitar too?

It's made mostly of wood, I think, with some metal bits. It has a couple knobs, and a bridge and strings.

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Interesting headstock shape, but I'm afraid I've got nothing. That could easily be any one of a hundred off-brand 1980s Superstrats. Guitars like that were made by a number of factories and sold under all sorts of brand names.
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My guitar has two pickups. Not one or three. It is red and some parts are plastic. It has an old sticker and I can read ER on it.