Hey guys I don't care if you think Attack Attack or Confide suck or whatever they mean a lot to me and I'm posting so I can get help from you. What scales/key does Attack Attack use in their self titled album and what does Confide use in their Recover album? I'm trying to figure out how I can get that sound. Thanks to anyone who helps.
Just knowing the keys they play in won't help you write like them. You need to really study the music and transcribe it for yourself. Learn what kind of riffs they write, the way they structure songs, and the tones of their instrument.

All I can really tell you is that the Attack Attack album is pretty much all B Minor and to transcribe a lot.
Yeah, this is a question that a lot of newer players ask and it honestly won't help you. The key means nothing as the vast majority of people don't have perfect pitch hearing. The scale, 90% of the time will get you an answer of major, or minor. In the cases of these bands, the answer to the question is... minor, with the occasional chorus or dance break being major.

What I'm saying is, knowing the scales they like to use won't help. Just learn a lot of their music, and try to figure out why it sounds the way it does.