Hello everyone,

Now living in the beautiful Canadian Kootenays and 9 years after making my very first custom guitar from A to Z, I have a chance to try and kickstart my own business in guitar making. I will be specialized at the moment on electric guitar Metal/Rock oriented with some matching accessories.

As I am actually in the business plan process, I need to gather some fresh statistics about guitar/bass players, this is a small 10 questions survey that will take less than 2min. and that could help me a lot.

Please go on this link to fill it :


And feel free to comment about it !

Thank you very much !

edit: I can't seem to get the url tag working :/
Please copy/paste the link
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Done! Hope it helped.

Uhm btw...need a hand? Cos I wanna be a luthier and go to Canada....
Thanks guys,

Opps, yep didn't put a -18 sorry for that :p

Well, I'll have to make it to work for at least a year on my own before considering a partner or employee, but i'll sure need a hand, can't expect to be alone in the shop for ages
Doing it now. I run a tech business out of my place myself. Happy to help guys like you.
You need a pimp website that old men can continue to post on guitar forums like this one and drool over. They have plenty of retirement coinage to use up.
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As for the most important thing I would want in a custom guitar, the correct answer is everything about it.
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As for the most important thing I would want in a custom guitar, the correct answer is everything about it.

Agree, that was the toughest question to answer.

The custom guitar is about making every part of it to the user's specifications!
Just finished the survey for ya. Hope it helps you out. If you need a test player let me know!
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I wish you luck on the endeavor! I look forward to seeing the progress.
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Thanks again everyone!

Yep, I'll get a video of my proto soon, and soon back in workshop I'll document my first serie process as well !
I'll keep you up to date when edits will be done.