I was just wondering if anyone knew of an online subscription site where I could learn music theory.

I've tried many times and to learn more about music theory however I've been struggling to get anywhere with it. I'm to the point where I'd pay to be able to go through a nice organized resource that laid everything out nicely for me.

I've been playing guitar for 8 years now and I just want to get really good at improvising. I want to know what notes to play over keys, not just knowing shapes (pentatonic box... nobodies more guilty than me lol) but know the note I'm hitting and why i'm hitting it.

Lessons with a real teacher are not possible I live in a small town.
Two books:

Harmony and Theory by Shroeder and Wyatt.
Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles by Pedler.

Those are your "nice organized resource." The first is more abstract, the second full of practical examples.
Subscription site, no. However, you could try using musictheory.net as "intro to theory" resource. There are over 50 lessons on music theory on that site.
I am in the same boat. I am considering Guitar Scale Mastery by Craig Bassett...it's 50 bucks for a years worth of access to their database with lessons. I will let you know how it is if I opt in.
Hmm i'll check into that too.

I'm considering jamplay, can't remember the cost but I think if I remember correctly its a little on the expensive end.
Checked into it, kinda looks cool.

But they all kinda look cool haha. However I do like this 60 day money back guarantee that's pretty cool.
I'd say musictheory.net, but sam kinda beat me to it.

So yeah, musictheory.net. Go there.
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Quote by Bubbles516
Thanks crazysam that's actually a really cool resource. Very helpful.

You're welcome.

Btw, whatever you do, read reviews and such on various teachers. Don't make the mistake of signing up for an online tutor who doesn't help you.