Which songs have you learned that have really improved your playing or an aspect of it? Road Trippin' by RHCP is one from me, really accelerated my finger-picking. Glycerine by Bush taught me to mute, Wild Thing got me used to quick chord changes and Breezeblocks helped me with strumming patterns changing during a song.
Little wing, Under the bridge, tears (django), few led zepp songs, satch boogie, grace (buckley), few metallica songs where good for me for different reasons but it was more about taking learnt songs and playing around with them to make my own thing that boosted me.
Mood For a Day (Steve Howe from Yes) and Horizons (Steve Hackett from Genesis) really improved my right hand. Any time you really learn a jazz tune it teaches you something
I basically learned how to play guitar on Crazy Train. Then Under the Bridge and By The Way completely changed my playing style.
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Hoist That Rag by Tom Waits. . . made me bother to learn a guitar solo again. The rest I just kind of figured out here or there.
Probably Iron Maiden's Powerslave for its awesome solo teaching me phrasing, along with The Dissentience by PTH for throwing so many different things at me at once (mainly sweeping basics and weird picking patterns). Also, (almost) anything off of Images and Words.
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Good, fun practice for switching between chords E, E and D
like Van Morrison's Gloria for a new generation
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