which do you recommend for a beginner? Looking for a LP style guitar, light, wide neck and reliable. I'm looking at a like new but used prs or a new bolero ($3-400). Specs seem right up my alley but maybe someone with more experience and knowledge can shed some more pros and cons on either. appreciate any feedback. Been self teaching for a few years but really want to devote more time into playing.
Hmm... What was the original price of the PRS? PRS' are some of the best quality guitars one could get, but if they are cheaply made or beat up ***ugh, then they are unreliable and could break down easily. My former guitar teacher told me that you should never trust a PRS that is under $1000 dollars. You might want to test out the Singlecut before you buy it. With a Bolero, you could get a really nice guitar or, like the Singlecut, a really unreliable guitar. If I were you, I would save the extra $100- $200 and either get an Epiphone Les Paul or try to gamble and get a Gibson Les Paul for a nice price on Ebay, Quibids or a similar site. Although, The Singlecut could be a fantastic investment. Find out more about the Singlecut would be my advice.
thanks. originally the prs is 700. its a singlecut se. condition is like new and 2 years old. i would have the option to test it since its a local sale but being used its a risk because I dont know how it was handled or taken care of correctly. The dbz is new but i dont know much about this brand. very nice looking and the specs look good on paper but i dont know how reliable dbz is. I was considering epiphone or even agile but i like the 7-8lb range. 10lbs is just too much weight for my liking.
Get the SE. I own an SE Custom 24 and it's quite nice.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
both air fairly nice for the price, but i have more expeirence with PRS SEs, white nice for the money. i "trust" them more if that makes sense.

without testing one for periods of time, if i have to make a recommendation, i say PRS SE.
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If there's a choice and they both look good, I'll usually go for the guitar that was a better quality guitar when new. In this case, that would be the PRS.
I own a 2010 Korean DBZ Bird of prey. I also own a higher end ESP LTD AX 400 and a Ibanez Prestige and they are all good guitars. But the DBZ Bird of Prey plays better.

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If there's a choice and they both look good, I'll usually go for the guitar that was a better quality guitar when new. In this case, that would be the PRS.

Have you played both of these guitars? How do you know the PRS is better? they're both made in Korea and PRS SE aren't supposed to be the best Korean made guitars out there.
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I have 2 SEs (new Tremonti and used Santana) traded a third away (used SC). All three are stellar. The used ones were in excellent condition and great players, well built, wonderful tone. Used Singlecuts are sweet and can be had for very little cash.

Can't speak on the DBZ. Never heard of them.
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I like the DBZs- I have the Royale and Imperial on my G.A.S. list- but I'm pretty sure the PRS guitars are better, more consistent.
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