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If anyone is interested in how music relates to certain parts of our personality, i'm conducting a study for my thesis at Macquarie University in Sydney.

It's an online study that you can complete anonymously and it will take about 10-minutes by filling out questionnaires. The study can be accessed through the following link:

There is a weekly prize draw for those who participate. Thanks for your time.
good survey man good luck!

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That's a long damn survey. Why are you guys so obsessed with wine tasting?
Wtf was up with the wine tasting and taxi driving questions? It was a pretty odd quiz overall.
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That's a long damn survey. Why are you guys so obsessed with wine tasting?

Wine tasters are a baseline measurement for people who are snobby so if we can identify someone as a wine taster we can extrapolate their snobbiness and make conclusions about their musicness.

What has wine tasting got to do with anything?
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
I got excited when I thought you were going to ask me loads of questions about chess after there were loads about wine tasting but then you didn't

Maybe post some of your conclusions when you've done sort more work on your thesis? I'd be interested to hear what you find.
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I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't understand the options for highest level of education completed. Are those terms more common in the UK or something? I've never heard of college/uni being referred to as "tertiary."
Pretty confused about some of the questions... But done.
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I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't understand the options for highest level of education completed. Are those terms more common in the UK or something? I've never heard of college/uni being referred to as "tertiary."

This was Australia. But we have Primary and Secondary schools, College and Uni are sometimes called tertiary education but it's not used in common speech.
Where's my free wine?

Just kidding. Done!
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Done. I hope I did it right. All those questions about wine tasting.... I enjoy a good glass and know my wines pretty well but I wouldn't call it 'tasting'. I hope I answered it right.

Also, does HSC mean High School Certificate? I just kind of assumed thats what it meant and clicked that.
Did it.
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Done, good luck with your study
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Am so grateful for the support, I appreciate all those who have taken the time to complete the survey. To answer a few of the questions:

1. The study is comparing personality between groups, those being musicians, athletes and odour experts (wine tasters, perfumers) so the questions at the start are trying to gauge the level of expertise in each of the groups.

2. I will definitely post to this thread with the results once they are in.

3. If your interested in reading more about music and it's effect on the brain there are great articles in online psych journals that make for interesting reading. This is an abstract from an interesting case study involving a guitarist -

Thanks again!
I'd like to see my results as soon as I finished the survey...but I'm ok with that.

Now, excuse me, I'll have to taste lots of wine barrels and then go to play guitar while I drive a taxi.
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Macquarie University in Sydney.


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It said that and wouldn't let me go to the second page.
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Unfortunately, I don't taste wine at all. However, I taste wine on the side.

No, I'm kidding. Long-ass survey though. It's a borderline mass-case study.
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theogonia777 - not sure why didn't let you progress, do you know what question gave you the error message?
Done. Good survey, well thought out unlike most surveys I have to fill out in college.

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Why do I feel inferior for not being in a job that drives taxis or tastes wine?
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