Yeah, im sorry. Another "what amp thread"

Current gear: Fender FMT HH tele custom, LTD MH400NT (BKP warpig/nailbomb) Blackstar HT5H, Zilla 2x12 V30's. VS route 808, MXR 10band EQ, ISP decimator.

Now thats out the way, Im after a guitar head.

Budget is around the £250 mark so used is a big plus here.
Something that can get me close to Parkway Drive/ADTR/LoG kinda sound.

Been looking at Bugera's (yes i know) Jet City's, Ironhearts mainly. But then i thought, ask UG, they know their stuff.

So am i missing any other amps or is that pretty much it?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's