Suggest me easy songs to learn. I am learning both House of the rising sun by the Animals and highway to hell by AC DC. Started playing guitar 10 days ago.

Could you guys suggest easy song tabs to learn ?
Little Wing (SRV version)
Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee (Nuno)
anything by Yngwie

Good starter stuff.
Classic rock stuff. I learned a lot of CCR when I first started learning. Rudimentary solos and great riffs on some of it.
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Brain stew by greenday and Polly by nirvana.cowboys from hell by pantera is a dawdle espcially the solo.
I started by just trying to learn some songs I know well that don't sound overly difficult. Stuff with some power chord riffs to get you familiar with that concept. Once you can play some chords fluidly, then a lot of other things become easier.