Ok, so I need a new guitar for sludge/doom. At the moment I have an old ibanez rg-560, but it doesn't give me what I want. The floyd is killing me!

Im looking for a cheap guitar that will go through my Black arts LSTR fuzz. Down tuned one step with drop.

I have been looking at 4 options.. What is the best ratio money/quality?

Ibanez Roadcore RC320 25.5"
Epiphone G400 Reissue SG61 24.75”
Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom HH 25.5"
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH 24”
Usually I'd say for sludge and doom a Les Paul is your best bet.

Out of the four you mentioned, I'd go for the Epiphone G400. The Tele custom is a good choice too.
I'd go for a Les Paul too. You need a hefty slab hanging on your neck for sludge.


Out of those four I'd go for the Tele custom.

Why are you deciding out of those four? If you answer these questions over in the Electric Guitar forum, we might be able to help you find something that suits you better. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=28571615&postcount=1
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Agile LP (AL-3000 series) would be a great value. I love the heck out of mine! Sweet ebony fretboard and holds its own against $800-1000 LP Standards. I tune in drop B and use a 65 for B.

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I like Lp's, but SG is deff the guitar for doom
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Cool! Hmm... LP you say! I have been leaning mostly towards a tele. Will need to think on that!

Basically what I need is a guitar priced in the range of the ones I mentioned, with a good value for the money. Music I'm playing is in the vein of Sleeps dopesmoker, earth, amenra or something like that.. Value for the money is more important than hitting the exact same sound as those artist.. Always fresh with a bit of a difference.

Somewhat important is probably that the guitar has 2 humbuckers, passive.
For my Sludge/Doom stuff, I play and Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which I bought brand spanking new for $300.
Out of those I would say the Tele. In case when you want to downtune further more a 25.5" scaled guitar would definitely help...
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SG! I could see where the LP wouldn't be bad, but SGs are the king. Trust me, I'm from the south, we take our doom serious
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...that said, there's a reason the SG is so prominent in sludge.
I use a semi-hollow telecaster with P90s for doom. I don't think that there are any real hard-and-fast rules for what guitar or what kind of pickups you use other than perhaps to steer clear of more 'modern' voiced, higher-output pickups if you're after a Sleep/Earth sound. If you're able to, I'd try out as many guitars in your price range that you can and see if you find anything that you're particularly drawn to quality-wise.
i use an Gibson SG for doom sludge. guess what my backup for doom/sludge? a Gothic (early 2000's) Gibson V.

no tele no strat, maybe a LP, but if you want to do it right, get and SG
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Get the epi reissue and change the pups down the line.

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Jus from Electric Wizard used to use an Epi 400, good enough for doom, you tell me.

Though I use a stock Dean ML 79 for stoner doom and it gives a huge amount of midrange oomph and resonance.
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Anything with a big slab of mahogany works wonderfully for doom. Les Pauls and SGs are perfect examples. I tend to use my R0 when playing sludge/doom. A swamp ash Tele with humbuckers is another good choice, IMO.
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Of the four, I'd go with the Epiphone G400. But since you are looking at Epiphone, take a look at their Explorer models. Those might be a better choice for the heavy stuff; especially with a hot pickup in the bridge position.
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Dylan from Earth uses tele's a lot. and early earth sounds could be considered similar to the dopesmoker tone. if you follow the link in my sig, the first song on the album A Door In The Red Woods was recorded with an epi G400 into a Sunn Solarus and ampeg v2 cab (with a different pickup though) to give you a bit of an idea what it could sound like

I would go with either the SG or Tele.