HI guys,
my name is Franco and I'm a guitarist, I've started writing some stuff for a new project.
A kind of modern non-too-extreme metal with some melodic influence.

I can play almost everything has strings on it ( no, it's not true, only guitar and a bit of bass ) and I would like to find:
1) a drummer able to program ( or why not, record if possible for him ) proper parts;
2 ) a vocalist ( possibly someone able to mix singing with growls ).

This is a demo song ( with terrible drums I wrote ) to give an idea.


Anyone interested give me a shout.

I'm extremely interested in doing vocals for this man. I'm getting a new interface soon and should be able to record some half decent vocals. PM me if you want to get in touch
Hey man I'd love to do this! Growling is pretty easy for me as I have a deep voice and I can sing in my falsetto and everything. I'll message you