Hi All.

I have done some searching on the forum and the lessons section but have not found what I'm looking for.

I am looking for some lessons on how to play in the "industrial" style.

I have read that there is not any particular style, but it has a lot to do with the effects and mood. Great, but how do you set that mood. I like the Static X, Rob Zombie and old Marilyn Manson feel. The Portrait of an American Family album from Manson is one of my fave CD's. It has a sweet "funk" vibe going on.

I honestly cant play much except a few chords. and a scale or two. But instead of just learning chord after chord and scale after scale I wanted to get a sort of direction to get going in.

I plan on starting a band, as all beginner guitarists do, and the style I'm going for is a funky industrial/progressive feel. Not over the top prog, but i will be having time signature changes in each song and very little will be 4/4. This brings up another quick question. Industrial seems to rely a lot on that straight forward driving sound of 4/4 timing, has anybody heard any bands playing off time industrial that I can check out and get some inspiration from.

Some other bands in the genre I dig are Rammstein, The Samans and the Death Stars. Not totally into the dark/goth vibe, but some of it is cool. I just prefer more instrumental bits than full on electronica. Ofcourse i like the heavier things like black and death metal but that is not what this thread is about.

Just adding this, i have been listening to a lot of Maximum The Hormone, seriousl, WTF on that. HaHaHaHa.

Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.