Hey man for the intro/verse to me it sounds like (with the guitar capo'ed at the 3rd fret) that all that's being played by the guy fingerpicking is the barring the 4th fret (or 7th fret without a capo), then barring the 7th, and then the 2nd WITH his middle finger on the 3rd fret of the g string, and finally all open.

The picking pattern to me sounds just: Low E, b, high e, b, E,b,e, E,b,e,E,b,e. That's for each fret. When you're on the 2nd fret play the g string instead of the b.

Also in between the 4th and 7th frets it sounds like he's playing both e strings at the sixth fret, with his index finger on the b string at the fourth fret. That's just for one count and you just pick: Low E, b, high e.

That's just a rough idea it's way too late/early in the morning for me to give you a proper take on it X(