Hi guys, currently I have a pair of these:


They suit my needs fine and they were great value speakers. However I feel it may be time for an upgrade.

I mix and master music in my room, which is essentially a home studio. I would be looking for something a step up in quality to allow me to create better mixes.

Budget would be something along the lines of £200, £300 being an absolute max.

I have had a look at the KRK Rockit speakers but I would like to know what my options are.

If they suit your needs fine, why upgrade? I have a pair of KRK's and they're great, I've got the 2nd version of the Rokits, and I think they've just come out with the 3rd version so you can pick up the 2nd ones now pretty cheap.

Edit: I've used those monitors before, the Rokits are quite a bit better in my opinion.
Save up. If the maudio are suiting you fine at the moment then stay with them until you can afford something that is a real step up.

Rather than just going from budget monitors to budget monitors.

muledit: I'm not saying that the rokits won't be better, just that they are still budget monitors. Imo save up for [at least] some yammi hs7's or something.
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Seconding the "Save for HS7s" motion. Those things are ridiculously awesome.
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