What genres of music is more suitable for single coil pickups and which genres are not? I'm still new to playing electric guitars.
Jazz and blues are good with singles. Metal is not good with singles.
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Blues, country, janglepop, classic rock, funk, alt-rock, shoegaze. It’s possible to get good high-gain tones out of single coils, but the only people who seem to pull it off are virtuosos like Kirk Hammett and Prince.
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Jazz and blues are good with singles. Metal is not good with singles.

nonsense. there are higher output single coils pups out there and then ones like the Lace Sensors that will do metal just fine (ok maybe not sludgy doom or the super low tuned stuff but there are other forms of metal). also P 90s are single coil and they do metal as well.
Paul Gilbert plays metal just fine with single coils
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I use a Strat with singles (Texas Specials) as my main guitar in a fairly heavy alternative rock band. I really enjoy the tones I get with the singles. They're not as crunchy as a humbucker, obviously, but what I really enjoy is the clarity of singles. I'm able to play full chords with a reasonably dirty sound and not have them turn to mush.

It's worth noting that I have two guitarists in my band, and I really like the combination one guitarist using humbuckers and one using singles.

There was a bit of tinkering needed to get the tones dialed in how I want them. But, it was well worth it, I really enjoy singles for rock. One thing I cannot stress enough your tone knob is your friend with singles. The American Special Strat I have has the Greasebucket Tone Circuit that prevents things from getting muddy when you roll back the tone knob, but even on a standard tone knob, rolling back the tone a few notches will take off any unwanted high end you might experience when using single coils with a dirty sound. It's also worth noting that the American Special has the bridge pickup wired to the tone knob, however some Strats don't. If you want to use singles for rock, I recommend having the bridge pickup wired to the tone knob instead of the middle single.

The EQ of the pickups you're using is going to have an impact on your tone too. When I got my Strat set up a couple months ago, I played my Strat and my tech's through the same amps (A couple Dr. Z's and an Orange Tiny Terror) and mine, with the Texas Specials, sounded better than his (Fralin Blues Specials) for a dirty, rock tone. Look for a nice, fat sounding single with a hotter output. More vintage sounding pickups probably won't handle gain as well.
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I think it's a bit of a simplification of things to label single coils as being "suitable" or "unsuitable" for particular genres.

The only objective and practical reason why people often state that single coils are less than ideal for higher gain applications is because they will generate a lot of unwanted noise which will be accentuated by the level of gain you're using - however, you can get noise gates to deal with that.

Other than that, it's just a different tone. with hi-gain, single coils generally will sound a bit thinner, but a lot more raw and edgy than humbuckers. It really depends on what kind of sound you're going for.
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virtuosos like Kirk Hammett and Prince.

But yeah... distortion = don't use single coils really.
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My Agile s/s/s gets pretty heavy through my Rebel 20. Of course I'm not talking death metal heavy, but I would totally play hard rock/old school doom with a single coil in the bridge. It's just a little different.

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