Hey guys,

So I just moved to Colorado a couple weeks ago. Its gotten pretty cold now and Im struggling to keep the room with my guitars at the right temp/humidity. I bought a small humidifier and according to the digital gauge I got its normally in between 40 and 50%. The temp is anywhere from 40-60, having some issues with the heat so I'm waiting for the maintenance people to come. I put my guitars back in their cases. Should I be concerned about them or my tube amp or do those levels sound ok?
Temperature and humidity levels oscillate noticeably here and i never had a problem with my guitars or amps. I'd say it's perfectly fine.

And i'm talking about oscillations in temperature between -5º and 10º C during the winter to 25º and 40º+ C during the summer.
Humidity at about 30-50% in the summer, 70-90% in the winter.
Plus all the range inbetween, during spring and fall.
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