Ironically, I was given this guitar and traded it into my local shop for $ off my american strat. Now I see it sitting there all lonely and with a $150 price tag and think it might just be worth it. The problem was, it sounded pretty disgusting, both clean and distorted. Do you guys think a pickup improvement would make a big enough difference? And which do you recommend?

Or, should I just leave it there so some kid can get a decent price on his first "real" guitar? I should also add that I'm left-handed and that guitar has and likely will be sitting there a while.

Also I'm playing through a way huge green rhino, tc flashback, into a peavey delta blues 115.

And as far as tone, I like Slash.
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The biggest problem with Epiphones is their pickups.
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some pickups in epi's sound awesome, a lot of them don't . pickup swap will do some good.
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Whats the worst thing that can happen? The guitar still doesn't sound sweet with a Pick up upgrade, swap the old ones back in and use it as a trade or sell it for a small profit... theres always another sucker who thinks theyre getting a bargain
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I know that Epi LP's don't get a lot of love here in general, but I've always been really happy with my 2012 model. I paid $300 for it new, so $150 in good condition for used is a pretty reasonable price. At some point, I may swap pickups, but now that I have a Vox ADVT50 hybrid modeling amp, even the stock pickups don't sound bad at all. I may be weird, but I really don't want to own really expensive guitars (and my Epi LP standard is the most I've ever paid for a guitar). If I accidentally put a chip in one or want to swap pickups, I would much rather it be a good-quality $250 guitar than to a $2,500 one. If I played professionally, I could see needing the very best stuff, but as a bedroom player, something like an Epi LP standard is just perfect. I would say go for it.