So, the two pedals that I bought off of Ebay arrived today, and needless to say I am rather excited! First up, we have the Mr Black Eterna shimmering reverb pedal of goodness. And it's also the testicular cancer awareness version, so it's all pretty and pink. Then we have the TC Electronics Corona Chorus, with TonePrint power!
My initial impressions have been very positive for both. I love being able to adjust the amount of shimmer on the Eterna, from subtle background ethereal swirls to full on choir of angels organ sounds. The non-shimmery 'verb sounds very good too, and with 100% wet capabilities and potential 40 second decay, I have all the ambient goodness I need. And like all Mr Black pedals, it came with a pair of almonds and a hand-written note!
The Corona is also making me very happy, I had a chance to mess around with the TonePrint stuff a bit, and I am really loving the artist presets and the amount of usable sounds you can get out of this thing. Just wonderful. I'm really digging the pseudo-Leslie type sounds I can get. I am also a big fan of the single-screw battery compartment access; so simple, yet so convenient.
I do have a question for all you other chorus users out there, do you put your chorus in the effects loop or in front of the amp? I've just had it in the loop so far, but have read about lots of guys putting it out front, so I'll probably try it soon. Just curious to know what everyone else does.

And here's some pics for your enjoyment.
2013-11-18 17.00.48.jpg
2013-11-18 17.03.15.jpg
2013-11-18 17.05.29.jpg
Some people need a high five. In the face. With a chair.

And the obligatory gear list:
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The Corona Chorus pedals sound really nice. I'd like to pick one up at some point if I ever ditch my multi-fx.
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