Holy shit, this is amazing. I can't really give any complaints about this. I will say, though, that a harmony on the chorus would make this the perfect track, would really give a nice little rich difference to the verse. Maybe bring the vocals a teeny bit forward in the mix as well?

You make an awesome group, that's for sure. Even though I probably can't compare, I'd love to see what you think of my material:
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Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: on the opening guitar riff, I initially anticipated another note would sound, but it didn't. I eventually got used to it & liked the intro/main verse guitar riff. The vocals are fantastic: she reminds me of a cross between a singer that I was in a band with & also I wrote originals that she sang on, and Shirley Manson of Garbage (this is a compliment). Very good audio quality & melodies. This song is very good and well executed. I think it is radio worthy. Great job!
yeah, the bluesy vibe is what differs this song from other radio-hit songs, and you guys sound relaxed while performing it - that`s a big plus. being satisfied with what you do makes a huge difference, and you can hear it that you two make a good team together. good job!
COooooool stuff. Reminds me of like The Real Folk Blues by Yoko Onno from Cowboy Bebop lol. Great song I love it. The style, the music, urrythang. Especially the drums...that kit sounds great. Recording is good, however you all did it. Hearing this I want to hear your other music. Good work

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Quote by Serrana
Reminds me of like The Real Folk Blues by Yoko Onno from Cowboy Bebop

It's Yoko Kanno, but indeed I thought that there was an anime with music of this sort of vibe. Was not going to mention it but it's an accurate comparison.

Love the chords throughout. Can't even tell whether it's an electric guitar or a rhodes of some sort at the start, but I don't care, gorgeous tone. Great, smooth vocalist. I think the voice sits perfectly in the mix from where I'm listening - but she has the kind of voice that would harmonise very effectively with itself, and I feel like such is absent from the chorus. Song goes by very quickly, which is a sign it's cohesive in structure... and that I must have enjoyed it Really liked the drum fill at the end, seems like it was meant to stand out which was a good choice.

However, I'm not forcing a critique out of nowhere when I say I think the bassline is far too unassuming and bland - whilst it fits the chilled out vibe, you could skyrocket the song with some interplay between the bass and the vocal. Definitely experiment with that in the future.

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Beautiful mixture of indie and blues. I realllllly dig it. Love the tones you used for keys and guitar, they go very well together to almost sound like the same instrument to the untrained ear which I think is awesome. Vocalist is great as well. I was thrown off by the chord changes during the chorus, but it all made sense to me toward the end. I think it would be cool if you had a little guitar solo towards the end. Or maybe incorporated some dreamy slide guitar. I think a small addition like that would add a major bit to the song. But I agree with aaron, definitely radio material. Keep it going!
I like it!

I feel that maybe the vocals could be louder? Or doubled? Or compressed? I'm not sure what could be better specifically but it feels like it has to struggle against the other instruments. Since the vocal style is smooth and not too loud, I feel like it could be a lot louder without taking too much space.

I agree with the harmony on the chorus. If not with another vocal track than maybe a slide guitar following the vocals with distortion and delay or something.
Hey man, thanks for the crit on my songs I appreciate it.

I love the guitar tone here. Crunchy, bluesy, soulful, all the good stuff. The chords used are cool too...I definitely get the 'real folk blues' vibe as mentioned by another poster. The vocals are great too. My only critique would be WHY IS THERE NO GUITAR SOLO??? lol. Overall though great feel and great style on this project. cool stuff

On a second listen and a quick run through of some of your soundcloud stuff, I figured out the thing that jarred me. The vocals stand out too much I think. Im no audio wiz but I think its too compressed or something...they just feel too apart from the rest of the song. Not stylistically, and her voice is great, just some production issue. I would say try to get her level of vocals incorporated into the song like it is in 'When Im 24'.
Love that lo-fi distorted tone for the intro; I thought it was a keyboard at first.

The production on this is great; the extra background tracks really give it a full, ambient sound.

The chorus gets a little old; I'd consider using some extra vocal or guitar tracks to make it a little more interesting as it progresses.

Overall, I think it's a great song, the chorus is just too overused.

If you'd like to crit my punk/alternative rock band's live video, you can find that here. Otherwise, if you'd rather do an electronic track, I just recently posted this.