I just got my hands on a Fender Jazz Bass made in 1974, but it's in a bad condition.
It belongs to a greasy old (and I mean it when I say greasy, the guitar smells like shit, so does she...) semi-professional bass player who asked me to set it up and clean it, but because of the state and the age of the guitar, I guess I have some questions.

1) While cleaning (I use that Dunlop products set to remove the grease and dirt, of which there is A LOT. Seriously like... ew....) should I worry about chipping more of the paint off? It's my first time cleaning a relic guitar.

2) What would a guitar like this be worth? Not that I intend to sell it, it's not mine. I'm just curious.

3) Picture time? Picture time!

I have not plugged it in yet, because I want to go outside and clean it before taking it to my room. It's that bad. I just touched it to take some pictures and my hands stink like I've been a garbageman for the past 10 years. Seriously what the ****...

Any help or tips on this would be great!
If you would like more info or pics, don't hesitate to ask!

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