Hello everyone, I am new at the forums. I am playing for about 5 years and i just got this problem.I will try to explain it is as good as i can/sr if its not perfect i am not native eng speaker/. So recently I was using and mastering this agressive vibrato technique /like SRVs one/ - so i was practising a lot time the vibrato/bend and the problem came for my index finger. What i do with the index is not moving up and down but more kind of rotation and at the same time moving down/i am learning from videos trying to do the exact same thing that i see/. I was practising a lot the last few months (4-5h/day) and i was doing this vibrato aslo a lot i am doing something similar sometimes when i play Em shape chords /i am playing thumb over neck/ - bend/vibrato of the G and B strings at the same time with the index only. So i few days ago when i started playing i experianced this sharp pain in the index finger middle joint on the side of the middle finger, also somethimes i feel the finger a bit stiff but i thought it was normal cuz i played a lot and when i play thumb over neck the index works much more than the other fingers, i tried playing a bit softer but everytime i had the bend or vibrato with the index the sharp pain was their and it was growing, so i stoped playing a few days ago.I have pain only when i press with the finger, not in normal condition. I bought some gel to embrocate the joint and started doing some masagges and stretching and hot wather bath for the joint. Now there is no stiffness and the pain is less but I read all the last days some stuff in the net so i got scared if its possible to have arthritis or something cuz i am 22 years old..I read some similar threads but i hope i can get better information.. so Does anyone has experienced the same or similar problem and could i have any advice what to do - any medicens, is the problem in the technique, is it wrong or should i stop using it. I have just ordered my new strat and i was supposed to go test and take it tommorow but now i am not sure if i can do it am scared that i wont be able to play in the future.. I will appreciate your help
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This is captain obvious to the rescue, unfortunately, but if you're really worried you should really talk to your doctor.
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This is captain obvious to the rescue, unfortunately, but if you're really worried you should really talk to your doctor.

Second, this is not the place to ask for either diagnosis or treatment.
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