Hey Guys,

For a long time I wanted a guitar pro/tabit style app for writing guitar-centric music on my iPhone as I worked long hours and the only real free time I had was on the bus in the morning. In the end I gave up and learnt to program it myself... that was 3 years ago lol. It's finally on the app store now, has been for a few months, but I thought it might interest some of you guys.

Basically you can program in 2x guitars, bass and drums in tab format and play it back in symphony. I recorded about 500 notes per instrument (standard to drop C, palm muting for every note) and I spent a lot of time getting a great electric sound (wanted to write heavier music). I also built in a lot of music theory, with a key locked fretboard and automatic key switching based on the circle of fifths etc if you play outside the key.

It was a **** ton of work, and im still working on it (new version will have 16 instruments/ipad/midi/iaa etc), but it also came out exactly as I imagined in the my head. The tab system is more like Tabit then Guitar pro if you're familiar with that (never did like the guitar pro way of doing things), but it works well.

Anyway, theres a video demoing what it can do here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPhMFdoE3V8 and more info here: www.jammaestro.com

Theres a link to it on the app store here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/jam-maestro-guitar-tab-sequencer/id596628003?mt=8

Let me know what you guys think if any of you try it out! =)
Sure, you can open/save as many as you like. You can also render the sequence straight to a wav/m4a and save directly to dropbox if you wanted to collaborate on ideas with someone.