I want to start recording simple, pretty acoustic songs so I'm in need of a mic and tips for mic setups. Does anyone have any suggestions for under $200?

I'm also really digging a City and Colour tone, so I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to make a guitar sound similar to something like this:


Try a Rode M3. I have one and it's a pretty good all-rounder condenser microphone. I've used it on classical guitars and guitar cabinets/amps and have acquired pretty good results.
The question is do you have an interface and XLR cables? If so, the Rode M3 is good, along with the SM58.

Or you could look into Blue microphones if you want a great USB mic. The Snowball or Yeti are both great mics that fit your price range.
Can I give you some advice? One thing you need to remember is that studios use mics costing several thousand dollars. They also have preamps, mixing consoles and other gear worth tens of thousands - if not more. With some decent equipment and experience/knowledge, it shouldn't be too hard to get something close to what's in the video, but remember you won't get their exact results.

As I've already hinted, recording technique is even more important that having expensive gear. Learning to record and obtain good results takes time to learn. I'd recommend picking up a book on recording technique/theory. I have a couple in my small home studio and they're invaluable for the information they contain.
The M3 is a good choice, but I believe the NT-1/NT-1a is slightly cheaper and with the difference you could get a solid dynamic like the SM57 and double mic your acoustic.
I'd give the Blue Yeti a try before you go spend $$ on a mic & interface. You might really like the results.

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The question is do you have an interface and XLR cables? If so, the Rode M3 is good, along with the SM58.

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I'd recommend having a look at some of the Behringer mics in your price range. If you can get a B2 Pro it's a pretty awesome mic and it does acoustic guitars quite nicely IMO.

As for how to sound like City and Colour, be their guitarist playing their guitar with the same strings they used in the same studio with the same microphones, preamps, etc. set up the same way as they did and you might get close. If you didn't catch that, basically I'm saying tone chasing is an exercise in wasting time. You will never get the same sound twice, there's too many variables. Just play around until you get a sound that you like and be happy with that.