hey guys
I just bought a Jazzmaster 65' reissue USA but i am a little worried it's not really original USA model even tho I bought it from a licensed shop. It's the first real guitar I bought. First, there is no logo on the guitar that'd say the guitar was made in USA. There is logo inside the hard case, but not on the guitar. Also, the Fender sign on the neck is a sticker, it seems, not a real print on the wood. The guitar plays nice but Im not really good with knowing if the guitar is proper or not just by the feel so I dont trust myself. I jsut wanna make sure that it really is a USA 65' jazzmaster reissue and that it's 100% original ... how can I make sure? thanks!

edit: oh and also! There was no plastic foil on top of the pickguard, like new guitars supposed to have. It seemed like in the screws there was some foil left, maybe somebody took it off? but how. I opened the guitar straight from the box... Does it mean its not original or not really new? Maybe from display in some shop ?
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Post pictures.

so here:

first, its hard to capture it with the picture but the logo really seems just like a sticker... (notice the change in the texture...)

second, there is nothing on the back of the guitar, like MADE IN USA or anything like that...

notice the scratches on the pickboard witch wasn't covered in any protective foil after unbox:

and some more pictures:

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Seems legit. American Vintage guitars don't say anything about where it's made and they don't have anything on the back of the neck. The serial number on the neckplate is its identity. It says V13 so it's an American Vintage made this year. Here are some examples of others:

alright thanks man. maybe im just worrying too much i guess the lack of the plastic foil on the pickboard is also normal with vintage reissues ?? I hope so
I haven't seen any AVRI guitars with the plastic on the guard, I don't think they come like that. It's a beautiful guitar, enjoy!
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I haven't seen any AVRI guitars with the plastic on the guard, I don't think they come like that. It's a beautiful guitar, enjoy!

thank you... I am really obsessive sometimes ! now I can enjoy it when Im sure I got what I paid for!
This may not be helpful but you can register your Jazzmaster with Fender through the serial number. I register all my guitars to be on the safe side.
Vintage reissues don't have a made in America print on the back because the originals didn't. They try to make them as close to a replica vintage as possible. It will say crafted in Japan if it is. Or made in Mexico whatever.

Looks like a beauty that one!
I've got a 62 custom shop jazzmaster bought new and that didn't have the plastic foil on it! Looks legitc enjoy it!
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It's a beautiful guitar, enjoy!

+1, that's badass
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The headstocks also have that sticker on it for the reissues from the 60s I believe. My '62 one does anyway!