Hi, i want to have a place to store all of my guitar pro stuff and word documents that has automatic backup. I have tried dropbox, but it has too little space. I have also tried sky drive by microsoft, but i have some issues like that its connected to my microsoft/ hotmail account, that would mean also loosing all of my files if i get hacked or whatever. I have also heard of microsoft removing peoples sky drive accounts because that have inappropriate pictures or whatever (wich means you loose everything basically). So i got 3 questions:

1. What would the best cloud-based folder option be for me?

2. I have Guitar pro as a automatic start up program on both of my pc's. Lets say i work on a file saved to my sky drive folder. When i open my other computer, this file will automaticly open in guitarpro (since its in the startup folder). When the file is opened, and sky drive updates the file after it is opened, what happenes then?

3. Let's say i have got the dropbox desktop app (or any other cloud app), and my dropbox account got deleted. Would i still be able to withdraw the files from my pc?