My lovely wife saw this pretty little thing on a facebook buy swap and sell page last night...

(Apologies for the big pics if they turn out that way, Imgur aint letting me change the size...

So anyway its a 2002 model Ibanez Artcore AS73-TBS, TBS I assume to be the finish? Its got a real nice green that comes through the blue in the right light which is what caught the missus's eye.

Picked it up for $100 au including a hard case. Am pretty stoked with it actually. I've never played a semi-hollow body before and yeah I quite like it. I tend to find myself playing on the neck pick up with the tone knob turned down to about 3 on the dial which gives it a really nice smooth jazz tone. Its a bit bright on the neck with my normal set up so I find I have to dial in a bit more bottom end just to fill it out a bit rounder. It does need a new set of strings and it does buzz on the first fret on the B string. Nothing a little fettling wont sort out.

Havent checked the intonation yet as Ive been a little pushed for time today but it doesn't seem too far out by ear.

One thing I have found is that it does a really nice Hotel California solo, easy to play on this and its tone once fiddled with is pretty close to the original which I like.

I don't think I will be getting rid of this one for a while. Sorry I cant do a video, I don't have anything to record with.

Thanks for reading guys and girls.
Very nice! And what a price!
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Had one, but in red. It was a player. Very well made IMO. Loved it, but life happens, and I had to sell it. I had put some Stew Mac overwounds in it, but the stock pups were good enough. That thing was a foot-stomping blues beast.
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Surprisingly, Im finding very little information as to what these things are worth in Australia. I think theres one on Ebay at the moment and that's got 800 or so on it but its got a bigsby... I see they retail around 400 new in the states, but if we use Gibson pricing USA v AUS that can be comparable to 1200 here... Im also half tempted to throw my set of Super 70's at it and see what theyre like in a semi hollow....