Hey fellow guitarists.
For a very long time I've had this problem, that when I practice for longer periods of time, my right arm is starting to get tired and/or sore.
It's not in my wrist because of picking, but because I somehow have to keep my shoulder/arm raised in order to hold my hand at the right height.
This is definitely a posture issue, and if I could get rid of it, that would be insanely helpful for my practice-sessions. It happens faster if I sit, than if I stand up, since I'm more comfortable standing up.
When I sit I sit in the classical position, with my left leg raised slightly. I can't for the life of me play more than 5 minutes in the regular position, my right arm would kill me.
Have anyone experience similar posture-issue and what did you do to fix it?

When sitting down, how many of you let the guitar rest at your stomach/body? Or do you keep the guitar further away from your body, and hold it steady with the part of your forearm that touches?

Best regards
- Kris
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I address some of this here: http://stuartbahn.com/i-cant-play-guitar-standing-up/

You should absolutely NOT be playing with your shoulder raised. As you continue to clock up hundreds and thousands of hours of playing this will gradually become more and more painful, and more of a problem.