Hey UGers! I thought i would be cool to get some of us to play killzone together. Post your psn and lets go to battle

PSN - JohnTomG

Ill set a lobby up. The name is Ultimate Guitar/The Pit and the PW will be Guitar. Post ideas for game types/Mods for the game like weapons/time/etc.
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I've got a great idea. Play BF4 instead.

Don't have it man or i would.
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Get BF4 and get the fuck out

So much hostility you need to play Killzone.
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I will, if it's free on PS Plus someday

Its really not a bad game it is quite fantastic.
I loved the Killzone series. Killzone 2 was my shit. The classes were perfect, to me, in Killzone 2. This one disappointed me a little. Still havent warmed up to it yet, but hey, Ill play with some UGers.

Just shoot me a message via UG or PSN when you want to play. My PSN: Yellowfrizbee

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This one seems less epic so far. The way the story progresses is weird to me. One mission fades out then suddenly I'm somewhere entirely different without cutscene. Some of the acting and dialogue is just awful too

PSN: sowbelly
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you're so intelligent
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So much hostility you need to play Killzone.

I don't knoww mannn... Killzone 3 was straight up ass.
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I plan on getting the MGSV:GZ PS4 though, so lets do this!!
I used to play a lot of KZ2 and 3. KZ3's MP was disappointing compared to KZ2 because of the ridiculous lag, poorly balanced class system, lack of ranked ranked custom game and no server list. That didn't stop me from playing the hell out of it!


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this game doesnt deserve its own thread

agreed, but i think Metal Gear Solid does