The other night I was laying in bed and I started thinking that I really wanted to listen to a talk show to go to sleep to. Normally I crash listening to classical or jazz or something but I just had an urge to listen to a talk show. Unfortunately I started searching for one to listen to, to no avail. I was looking for a type of show that doesn't just talk about politics or news or something like that. I really wanted to find a show or podcast that talked about different kinds of music, or talked about creativity and the creative process. Like inspiring radio talk shows that deal with different kinds of arts or inspiration for creativity. Does anyone here know of anything like this that exists? I couldn't find any the past couple days I've searched so I figured someone here had a "go-to" show that they liked to listen to. Any recommendations would be fantastic.
Some podcasts might have what you're looking for; As a fan of the show Community I've listened to all the 'Harmontown' podcasts of the show's creator, Dan Harmon. That's more about creativity from a comedy-writer's point-of-view, but there oughta be more out there. Also, you don't necessarily need an apple-product to listen to one of those, which is good.

Anyways, Harmontown's killed a lot of my time in a surprisingly pleasant way, so eh, that's what I know.
Tell me who's that writin'...
Gervais is hilarious. I just really like stuff that gets into theology and philosophy. Plus shows and podcasts that inspire crativity. Get the brain going you know? I'll definitely check out the harmontown podcasts. Any others?
the people's voices on NPR put me to sleep. and that's in an uncomfortable car.

although sometimes they make me want to punch a child or anything smaller than me that can't fight back.