found this ltd viper 400 at a pawn shop with missing/rusted strings clay imbedded in the Phillips head screws the bridge screwed all the way down and a small finish crack.
It seems pretty solid with no neck damage I thought if its $200.00 or below im getting it as I always wanted a viper and I haven't any active pu guitars I looked and the price said 69.00 I took it straight to the counter hoping it was the right price. she rang it up $57.34 so I took my 57 dollar guitar home spent a couple hours cleaning it put a freash set up and strings on her and BAM perfect.

Nicely done!
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Thanks it plays great its an 04 model. my first time having emg's a little disappointed in the 81 as thought it was gonna be different
The pickups are worth more than that! Well done! HNGD
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^ that's what i was thinking. even if you have to dump the whole guitar the pickups still have you ahead. awesome score, ridiculous really
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You like Line 6 at all dude? Something is telling me....

Sweet deal, I want to know where I am when deals like these come around.
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yea im a bedroom player so I like the flexibility of my line 6 gear. although ive come to realize I mostly play a marshall type tone lately.
my wife looked at me and said "really another guitar"? then I googled the retail price.
Wow... I wish I could score deals like that!

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Yea since the bridge was screwed ALL the way down to where the strings were bottomed on the neck and the finish crack making it look like a crack at the neck joint I think they thought it was broken. It was at a pawn shop chain that the longer something is there they keep cutting the price so luckily nobody else got it. Last year I scored a 86 Fender Japanese convential strat
for 143.00 it was at a different location but the same chain it had the same problems just needing a cleaning and setup. I never find good deals anywhere else except valuepawn