just what I needed another pedal but sometimes I just can't resist.
got my self the Akai Drive3 Fuzz. I bought this based on my ears and remembering a decent write up in Guitar Player magazine I wasn't aware of the controversy surrounding this and the other akai pedals. for those who don't know it appears that most if not all akai pedals are made by Biyang (Chinese pedal maker) and may not be anything more than rebrands of there pedals. the akai custom shop pedals sell for way more than the biyang pedals. while it is obvious that they were manufactured by biyang it's unclear on whether they use the same specs and materials. any ways on to the review

this fuzz gives you some cool options rather than being just another fuzz face clone. it has a 3 way switch that goes from warm (vintage fuzz sound ) to muffy (big muff sound) and another position that combines the 2. other controls include volume, tone and fuzz. unlike a fuzzface the volume control actually works and doesn't have to be maxed to be at unity level. actually it didn't have to be turned up very far at all to hit unity level and gives you another option for pushing the front end of your amp. the tone control gives a wide range between bass and treble. fuzz well you know what that does. and damn does it give you fuzz, thick barey controlled fuzz when maxed. the muffy setting does give you a pretty good muff sound which is closer in sound to a distortion than straight fuzz. the boost setting does make it much louder and really ups the fuzz sound. I didn't really use it much but for those who want a brutal sound it provides that. overall construction is very solid and the switches and jacks all seem to be high quality.

tested it out through the clean channel of my Valveking with one of my strats. results were really good. the warm fuzz sound had that 60s vibe to it but wasn't instant fuzzface (although that could be dialed in). GP mag likened it to a Tonebender sound. the muff sound gives you that early 70s distortion sound and seemed like it could give you dave Gilmour with a little work.

overall a great sounding pedal. paid $50 as a NOS item. for that price seems well worth it however i'll note that the very similar Biyang FZ-7 can be had for a bit less.
akai fuzz.jpg