Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden is in E Standard (EADGBE) but even though my guitar (Gibson Les Paul Traditional) is perfectly in tune and intonated it still sounds out of tune when I play along to the song.

The only thing I can come up to why this happens, is if they have tuned the guitars slightly higher than E, for instance 1/4 higher.

Does anybody know exactly how the guitars are tuned? Would help me out alot!
Historically, many recordings have been made that are pitch shifted (intentionally or by equipment artifact) slightly sharper than the tuning they are played in according to the sheet music or tab.
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Ah, ok. I will try to find the exact tuning right away. Thanks!
Another notable example of this tuning inconsistency is "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica, which is a quarter-note higher than E-Standard I think.

Phantom of the Opera is a famous song, I would try my luck with finding a backing track or even a live-version of the song to play along with instead.
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