^ That's all he ever does. Like, every single thread he's started. I've mentioned this before. I'm surprised the dude isn't banned yet.
I don't think there's anything humorous about women's self defense considering most females can fight better than me.
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Well, that's not a bad idea to run away if you can, but really self-defense classes are a waste of money because you can learn that stuff anywhere and a lot of it is common sense anyway.
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As someone who does martial arts, this video just blows. How is someone suppose to run when the rapist grabs them from behind? Self defence classes teach victims how deal with physical confrontations where the moves they learn allow them to escape.
In my view, a good women's self defense class will NOT teach them how to fight. Instead, they should learn techniques to quickly stop the attack, do a quick attack (if possible) that will stun them temporarily or otherwise delay them from chasing after you, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Coupled with being aware of your surroundings, I think this is a pretty good way of going about things. Even my martial arts class emphasized avoiding fights, and if need be, do the minimum needed to allow you to run.

If one wants to learn more about self-defense, one should sign up for an actual martial arts class. I think this guy is pointing out that a woman shouldn't ever expect to win a fight, but instead should focus on escaping. He also touches on the fact that good self defense comes with consistent practice. You need to train to the point where you overcome your natural reflexes and can do the moves almost without thinking. A few classes done a couple years ago is practically useless.
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