Once again, UG, I'm having gear problems.

Last night I played a show with an actual sound guy and monitors and a PA system that was worth a damn because it's a pretty nice venue. So I had my guitar in my monitor (Gibby LP Studio>pedals>Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 or a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 112. This time I used the Marshall).

I play in a ska-punk band so I need my cleans and my distortion. So I just use a Fulltone OCD as my main form of distortion. But I've noticed in shows where I actually have a monitor it sounds really buzzy and scratchy and kind of annoying. Live I think it sounds great. But I've done a little home recording using the Marshall AND the Fender and basically, it only sounds like this when it's put through a microphone.

Is this a common thing with ODs or am I just being a wiener?

Thanks, guys.
If it sounds good coming out of your amp, your problem is most likely mic placement. Play around with your mic placement while listening to your sound from the monitors, as that is mostly what the audience will hear anyway.

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i used to have the same problem until i got the hughes&kettner redbox mkii. now the pa sounds exactly like my 412 cab. joyo also makes a cheaper version. its blue and about 45 bucks. you just plug it in between the power and the speaker, and run a mic cable to it. if ur using a combo without a speaker jack, there is also a line in control.
Best advice I ever got for if you ever want to be gigging properly and get a good monitor mix is to use in-ear. Unless you're playing top quality venues, the monitors are gonna sound a bit crap. A decent set of in-ear monitors and knowledge of where the mic should go on YOUR cab will give you a good sound and let you hear in your ears what you'd hear without a PA.
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