I've had this going on since I was 15. I had played guitar since I was 9 before, then I started not playing so frequently but eventually started practicing again. I don't remember exactly when but I started to have really bad wrist pains in my fretting hand after playing for a while.

I started to try to ignore it but it'd get so bad I had to stop playing. Now every time I try to play again I still get this terrible wrist pain. Even if I try to warm my wrist up it'll still come back. I always feel it within a minute of playing, and then it will get increasingly worse the longer I play.

I'm going to see a doctor about it on monday but I highly doubt he'll do a thing about it. This really bums me out because I used to play pretty well when I was a kid and now I can't play even I try to.
Good that you're going to the doctor.
He can help you.
I had a small pain a few years ago in my wrist because of my work (IT) and the doctor said that it was nothing serious but I should go easy for 2 weeks, put some ice and don't force the wrist, and after that I was ok.
Probably he will send you to do some x-rays and see if it's a big deal or not.

Good luck mate and for now, stop playing as a precautios move.
If you're standing and playing a low slung horizontal guitar, you're more likely to develop wrist pain than if you're playing high and tight with the neck at a 45 degree angle. The problem may not show early on, but as with a lot of repetitive motion injuries, it'll eventually surface...

You might also look into a fan-fret ("multiscale") guitar. I avoided them for years and eventually decided that they're actually *more* comfortable to play (it happens that the frets are angled in the direction that your hand naturally falls when you're fretting).

This really isn't something that you should ignore. I strongly recommend taking your guitar with you to your doctor and showing them how you play so that they have more of chance of identifying the source of the problem. If they do not come up with anything helpful then you must go to see someone else.

I'm not trying to scare you, but pain is NOT ok at all. It could be bad wrist position, having the guitar too low, gripping much too hard… it could be more than one of these things, or something else. At any rate, taking a couple of weeks off will not fix the problem if you continue with bad technique.

If you are London based I highly recommend visiting BAPAM - it's a free medical service for performing musicians.

All best,