Hello folks ! I'm new at this forum, I hope I can learn much from all of you guys!

Do any of you folks here have a daily routine in guitar training? (warmup, what to practice today, goals for this month, next month etc)
I want to start my daily training programs in guitar practice, and confused what to write there and what I need to develop?

My background is, I've been playing for 2 years and never been in a band ( 1 year lessons in classical guitar and 1 year of asking every musician i happen to know if they are smarter than me )
and I realize I need to set my goals for motivating and give me more defined direction in electric guitar (especially in term of technicality)
For now, I can recognize/ fit major and minor chords in pop songs, know some theory, and playing chromatic scales with alternate picking like this perfectly but in 120 bpm ( i know it sucks )

Sorry for my shitty english
I have been playing guitar for 8 years and have been in two bands.

My warm up goes like this: (I play metal BTW)

For my right hand I start by putting a nicely tight rubber band around all four of my fretting fingers and then run through some scales and solos to stretch my pinky. When you feel the rubber band is getting easier after a while get a tighter one.

For my picking hand I need to warm up a lot in order to do some serious downpicking. I do this by playing some Metallica riffs from Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, Blackened, etc. Once I'm comfortable playing these riffs at the appropiate speed I try to match the tempo of when they're played live. Metallica likes to play their songs faster live, almost too fast for a mortal human.

For finger picking, which I still need improvement on, I just practice finger picking patterns. I also practice the intro for Nothing Else Matters, and the clean section on To Live is To Die.

For alternate picking I just play scales and some other songs I know that use the technique.

After all that I usually go back to the song I was learning during my last practice session or just doodle on guitar. One thing I like to do is lay down a riff on my loopstation and then try to improvise a solo on top of that.

So yeah in a nutshell I found that to really enjoy your practice time, find a song you like that has a thing you need to work on or you currently can do and play along with it. If you're tackling a new song, don't pick one that is miles out of your league to play but rather the one that is slightly above your playing level.

Hope I helped.
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