I have been trying my best to transcribe this, but the problem is there seems to be way too much going on in the song. The intro already has two guitars which overlap eachother in mid tempo, completely throwing me off guard. During the verse it gets harder, cause the bass gets more prominent and maybe another guitar joins in (not sure anymore).
The thing is how am i supposed to dissect all these melodies to hear the main riff clearly?
at least 3 guitarists, harmonies and a melodic bas.....g´luck mate ;-)...guitar pro comes to mind!
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It starts with a simple acoustic finger picking pattern on a few open chords. That guitar follows through doing that pattern the whole song. Maybe that is what you are hearing that is throwing you off? Maybe the finger picking is making it sound like too many things at once? Because I think picking out the bass and the electric guitar in this song is super easy.