I wanted to level up my instruments but the fender telecaster affinity set is the only guitar+amp that i can afford that is at least a good electric guitar, i think. I was already geared up to buy this next year then i saw the little box amp that comes with it. The guitar looks great but i don't know if the amplifier sound great too. So i'm wondering if anyone has bought the affinity set and found it great or good. BTW, it cost around $334.

Just a little story, i'm torned between this and a fender acoustic. I was randomly checking out a guitar shop and strummed an acoustic guitar and thought the sound was really good. So i tried playing on it and wow just wow. It's so awesome and my playing sounded like the ones i hear from bands and guitar-playing singers. It costs $381. Idk the wood they used but the body shape is a dreadnought but it's light to carry.

And i'm still deciding if i should stick to my former plan or buy the latter and save the former for next time.
Save up more money.
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