I like the Brand New kind of vibe - angsty, without being musically worn out. The guitar riffs are decent, especially the introduction, which has quite a unique sound. It's great that you introduce some interplay between the guitars rather than playing the same thing. The jag player and bassist both have really good, fitting tones too. The whole tempo change worked out nicely, interesting to listen to. However, I don't think your drummer plays very tightly/naturally, sounds like he's kind of forcing out the beat, and his timing fluctuates and his fills are awkward. The rest of you actually sound a lot more on point than he. I also think the lead guitar has a kind of crappy tone that doesn't sit well in the mix - as a tele player myself I know you can get a lot more clarity out of one than that. Some of this might be subject to the poor audio quality of the video. Whilst I think the performance has a good degree of rawness and emotion, I think you could all afford to get a lot more into it *visually* - this gets a lot of crowds on board, and if it doesn't then its at least a hell of a lot of fun.

Hope this has been helpful.

C4C on this? Might not be your sort of thing, but regardless: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624493
aH...for some reason it really reminds me of good old "surfer-grunge-pop-rock-punk" a la everclear.....used too feed of of this when I was in my late teens early 20´s....a long long time ago ;-)

...can everybody hear eachother...especially the drummer...seems like he´s following you and your following him...which makes it a tad messy...he needs to practice more and probably to a metronome.....he should be driving the bus and not the other way around..

...do put it too him nicely though or you´ll hurt his feelings.
I believe in god, jesus and the holy ghost.....or as i call them Angus, Kirk and Lemmy
Lowlifes would be a better name. Lowlives is just difficult for no reason IMO. Nature/Nurture is a great name for a song

As I listen :

Infectious riff. Reminds me of toadies possum kingdom. Aesthetically everyone in your band looks way into it, looks like you guys are having a blast which makes a difference in live performance. The breaks are cool, sucks you in between the riffage. The dirtiness and grunginess, as stated above, is really what makes this performance.

Personally I disagree with the guy above me about the drummer. You guys are tight in your own way. You guys are young. Keep performing live and get better and better that way til you guys are a killer live act (thats what The Strokes did). Definitely some potential here, keep it going and you could have something really cool. Good show guys

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624486
feel free to just comment on one song
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LowLives! (Psych!),
Sounds kind of punk-sloppy/grungy/something. I wish the audio quality was better, but I know that's not easy with a live band. The mellow part sounded the best to me. I like the electric bass. Sounds pretty good for the genre. Please review my music (and go easy on my critholio) at this link:

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